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lifestyle challenge

From $42 pw for a complete fitness & health package

make fitness a habit

The Lifestyle Challenge is about making bootcamp a habit, not just a fitness phase you "once went through".

Exercising is NOT EASY...and motivating yourself to exercise is often a lot harder. If it were easy, then EVERYBODY would be doing it. But unfortunately most of the population choose not to exercise on a regular basis, or choose to make excuses as to why they cannot exercise, such as saying 'I don't have time...' 

question is...

Do you want to accept the challenge and make fitness a part of your lifestyle?

Rather than saying that 'keeping fit' was just something you did for a short period of time...

The 12 week or 24 week Lifestyle Challenge is only available to the FIRST 30 CUSTOMERS.  

start date

You must sign up by May 1st 2017.


Only $42 per week for 24 weeks, or

$46 per week for 12 weeks.

what the lifestyle challenge includes

(in a nut shell)

  • Unlimited sessions per week 
  • The Melbourne Foodie guide
  • A MFW VIP card
  • Access to the MFW community; an amazing bunch of women!
  • Private Facebook group where we can watch everyone progress
  • Unlimited support from The Real Body Coach herself and MFW's amazing trainers

what the lifestyle challenge includes

(in more detail)

The Lifestyle Challenge includes... we got to be honest, freakin heaps!

1. Unlimited bootcamp classes at MFW. You will have access to all bootcamp classes, boxing class and stretch (normally $55 per week)

2. The Melbourne Foodie guide by MFW. This guide contains delicious home-cooked recipes, health tips and tricks. Plus you get access to a members-only website, which recommends places to eat and meals to order at popular Melbourne venues. Every 3 weeks I am adding in a new venue! Most of you have this guide already, but are most of you using it? (valued at $19)

A MFW VIP card which (so far) entitles you to:

3. Discounts on meals and free coffees at selected cafes and restaurants listed in the Melbourne Foodie guide (valued at "A LOT")

4. Free yoga, pilates, barre and meditation sessions for one week at Sum of Us, Prahran (valued at $55)

5. Discounted physiotherapy sessions at Sum of Us, Prahran. This includes a discounted initial consultation (save $43 on your first consult) and discounted ongoing sessions (save $28 on every consult thereafter)

6. Discounted podiatry sessions at Sum of Us, Prahran.

7. A free 30 min remedial massage from Amy at Centralised Mobile Massage, who is a soft tissue therapist (valued at $65)

8. A free ticket to the Health is Wealth festival, Catani Gardens, St Kilda. (valued at $22)

*MFW VIP card will have additional privileges added to the card, throughout the Lifestyle Challenge.

And yes, all this for as little as $42 per week!

sign up to lifestyle challenge

the commitment

You can suspend your membership during this time.

You can suspend for up to a maximum of 6 weeks, during the duration of the 24 week period, you just need to give 14 days notice. 


You can suspend for up to a maximum of 4 weeks, during the duration of the 12 week period, you just need to give 14 days notice. 

So, do you want to make fitness a part of your lifestyle?

If so, click below...

sign up to lifestyle challenge

who's up for the challenge..?

Melbourne women who:

  • Are willing to commit and change their lifestyle.

  • Are prepared to step out of their comfort zone.

  • Want to be a part of a fun and supportive environment.

  • Need acountability!

  • Can attend at least three 45 min bootcamp sessions per week.

  • Are at any fitness level and ability. We cater to everyone!

  • Want to exercise regularly. 

  • Want to eat well, but still want to enjoy socialising with friends over brunch and dinner.

24 week challengers get access to...

the melbourne

foodie guide

mfw vip


unlimited bootcamp

sessions per week


& fun community




fat loss &

cellulite reduction