Diet insights: Kayla's BBG

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This week we shine the light on Adelaide fitspo Kayla Itsines. This young lass, along with her body builder boyfie, Toby Pearce, created the Bikini Body Guide back in 2013.

Here is the low-down…

BBG: The pros

1.BBG diet includes three meals that are made up of carbs, protein and fat.

2.Variety of food and recipes to choose from. Her old BBG guide (before her ‘SWEAT’ app came out) offered a recipe book as an added paid extra.

3.Kayla has a mass following on Instagram, her followers are very supportive and encouraging of each other.

4.BBG is not just a diet, Kayla offers fitness programs too that can be done anywhere, not just in a gym. Now that Kayla has updated her BBG to an app, girls are able to track their eating, fitness, goals, progress, recovery and even the amount of glasses of water the drink.

BBG: The cons

1.BBG is a generic diet. When it comes to dieting, there is not a one-size-fits-all. However, if your body does suit the perimeters of the BBG diet, you will see results.

2.She offers three meals and two snacks in the original BBG. Snacking results in a person eating frequently, which allows a more stable blood sugar level. It has also been suggested that snacking is beneficial and helps fire up your metabolism. However, snacking can be very unsatisfying and potentially lead to ‘limitless snacking’ aka over-eating. Instead, portion the food so you are eating five meals per day. Meals will be smaller, but every one of them will be more satisfying.

3.The BBG adheres to the Australian Dietary Guidelines, which promotes a high daily consumption of grains and dairy. Those with gluten and lactose intolerances will not benefit from this diet.

4.The BBG doesn’t support you once you have reached your goal weight. Once weight is lost it is important to adjust your diet so you are able to maintain your desired goal.

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