5 habits of FIT people. Part two

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1.Fit people don’t only workout in summer. People shy away from the cold, when in fact winter is the perfect time to workout. Why? Because you don’t stay cold for long! Summer bodies are made in winter.

2. They try new workouts until they find one they like. There are so many groups, studios and workout styles to choose from. There’s nothing wrong with shopping around and finding a workout you like. If you'd like to read about what's hot in Melbourne in the Fitness scene, then check out these articles written by MFW founder and Melbourne Girl contributor, Pia Therese.

3. Fit people don’t exercise when they are sick. Your immune system will take a beating if you exercise when you are sick. The best thing to do is to take a few days off, get some rest and allow your body to repair and recover. BUT don’t make sickness your all-time excuse. There is a difference between a catching a cold and catching a case of the 'can't be bothered.' You are only kidding yourself...

4. They set goals. It’s important to give reason and purpose to your workout. Some people can just do it for the love of it, others need to set a goal and give themselves a reason as to why they are working out. Reminding yourself of your goals regularly will keep you focused and on-track. If you'd like to set some goals that you want to achieve by summer, click here. After you have submitted your goals, we'll get back to you and give you some clear strategies on how you will achieve those goals.

5. They workout with people who are friendly, fun-loving and who make them feel accountable. When you enjoy the company of those you workout with, then you will look forward to exercising. Finding a place (like MFW!) where the girls are lovely and the trainers are super supportive and motivating, you will actually look forward to exercising.

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