Five habits of FIT people. Part One

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1. They make exercise a part of their weekly routine. You need to make time for your workout. When you know you are working out on particular days, then make that your priority. Make plans and schedule catch ups on any other day of the week. Also don't expect to be able to squeeze in a workout and maintain a busy lifestyle. Something's going to give and you don't want it to be your health.

2. When they can’t be bothered, they remind themselves of that great feeling we all get after we've finished a workout. Even the fittest of fit have their moments when they can’t be bothered. Instead of thinking of all the reason why you don’t want to do a workout, think of all the reason why you should be doing a workout. Negative thoughts will only result in negative outcomes. Choose your thoughts about exercise wisely!

3. Fit people don’t try and just get fit for a special occasion. It’s important to commit to making fitness a part of your lifestyle. Don’t treat fitness as if it’s some fad. Commit to it. Commit to yourself. For some people falling in love with fitness takes a while, don’t give up on it, like any relationship, it needs commitment and work.

4. They don’t compare themselves to how fit other people are, they focus on their own goals and successes. If you always focus on what other people are doing, then you will never be successful. Someone will always be stronger, faster or fitter than you. Period. Focus on achieving your own goals and don't forget to celebrate them!

5. Fit people understand that a good diet and exercising go hand in hand. You can’t exercise out a bad diet. It is also true that you will never be at your fittest, if your diet isn’t intact. Why? Your body can't run at it's best if it is not nourished properly.


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