Goal Setting: What we're doing wrong.

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A lot of people focus on the long-term results rather than the short-term results, when it comes to health and fitness. Long-term results are good to focus on, but sometimes they can seem a little bit too far out of reach. Whereas, if you focus on the short-term results, for example; my goal is to get warm, I want to feel amazing after the workout, I want to sleep really well tonight or I want to be in a good mood today therefore I'll start my day by doing something good for my body. These are the short-term benefits. I think sometimes that’s what we need to focus on. When we put all this emphasis on the long-term benefits, sometimes people feel like their goals are too far out of reach, then your workout gets put into the ‘too hard basket’.

Summer bodies are made in winter. A summer body doesn’t happen overnight. And when I say summer body, it’s a body that you feel comfortable with in summer; when the layers come off, when you’re showing a bit more skin, when you’re wearing less clothing. A summer body is feeling comfortable at the beach, when you’re getting into your bathers and you’re wearing that beautiful summer dress.

It’s about getting into a position where you’re happy with your body, the body that you want to show off in summer. And not just show off your body to your loved one or your friends, but show your body off to yourself and have that feeling of self-love and appreciation.

When was the last time you felt proud of your summer body?

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and thought, 'gee I love you'?

You’ve got work on that body now. You can’t wait until summer to work on that body. You can’t even really wait until spring to work on that body! The work needs to start now.

I think summer should be a time when people can relax and take a break from being so focused on their goals. Summer should be a time when you want to be able to go: Right. I’ve worked really, really hard for my body this year, I deserve this. I can afford to chill out. I can afford to relax and take it easy and enjoy this wonderful time of year.

So how do you stay motivated?

You need to set goals. But…

You need to have both long-term and short-term goals.

Most people only focus on their long-term goals. This can lead to failure.

Long term goals will help you maintain a consistent fitness routine. They will help you to stay focused on the reasons as to why you need to be engaging in fitness in the first place.

Long-term goals can be anything from:

- Feeling confident when you walk into a room.

- Receiving compliments about how good you look.

- Looking in the mirror and loving what you see.

- Saying good-bye to moments when you regret not making you a priority.

Short-term goals will help you right before that workout. They are what you need to focus on right before you walk out that door. These keep you motivated during ‘the moment’.

Short-term goals can be:

- Getting warm!

- Working up a sweat (and it’s winter) and cleansing that body after a good sweat-sess. Yeah, we all love that feeling!

- Making yourself and workout buddies feel accountable for each other. Who will they workout with if you’re not there? We are in this together!!

- Making your trainer proud and grateful that she is not the only one who is committed to your health and fitness.

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