How to program your mindset so you stay fit when it's cold.

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Here are a Personal Trainer’s mindset tips and tricks.

This is her fourth winter training outside...In Melbourne!? She hates winter and much prefers to spend her time in hot climates where she would consider a cold day to be 28 degrees.

When it comes to training in the middle of winter, the main thing is: don’t think about the fact it is winter! That’s the first thing. Just get out of bed and do it!

Keep in mind that once you get out of bed and you have put on your clothes and headed straight out the door, you don’t really have much time to think about it. Or, if you prefer training in the evenings, just head straight from work and do it!

Once you arrive at your training session you’re pretty much going to be getting very warm, very quickly. All of those layers are going to come off, and you’re going to get hot and sweaty in no time! So you’re only really cold for that brief moment when you jump in the car and head to your training session.

I think of winter training as a bit of an incentive to get moving, because it’s a really quick and easy way to get warm. Trust me! This morning I trained MFW Flagstaff girls at 7 am and after the first 15 minutes they had taken their jumpers off and were boxing in their the t.shirts. You not only get warm when exercising, but exercise is good for you!

Training in winter is very much a head thing. I think if you tell yourself that it is winter and that it’s cold, you will create all these blockages, of course you’re going to create resistance for yourself. You need to tell yourself or remind yourself all the positive things about why it’s good to train in winter. The main thing to focus on is the fact that you are going to get warm.

Secondly, you need to remind yourself is that you are maintaining your fitness during a time of year that is most important. A lot of people set goals for themselves, such as what they want to achieve by the end of the year. Some women want to feel confident in bathers, others may have a special event coming up and want to look a certain way. However, it’s usually around spring, when the penny drops and people start to come out of hibernation. That’s when they realize; wow, I didn’t do anything for the last three months during winter and now I’ve got to try and get into shape. For most people, they’re jumping on the bandwagon a little late! They’ve just lost three months where they could have actually been working out and working towards their summer goals.

Thirdly, you’ve kind of got to trick yourself a bit to just workout. People focus on the resistance and they focus on how much they don’t want to do something, when you should actually think about how good you feel after your workout. No-one’s going to tell you that they feel bad after a workout. Everybody who does a workout, is happy they did it!

Let’s be honest, you might have been huffing and puffing at the time, or you might’ve even just hated those few moments beforehand, because you’ve got to dig deep for motivation, but don’t focus on that. You need to focus on the end result. You need to focus on how good you feel afterwards. It’s immediately after a workout everybody feels this sense of achievement, this sense of accomplishment. That’s what needs to be focused on.

And finally... next time you have scheduled a workout in, don’t think about it. Just do it. If you need to dig of motivation, then think about how good you feel after you have finished a workout. Think about the fact that every workout you do is one step closer to your goal. Plus, think about how toasty warm a workout will make you!

So now you know how re-adjust that mindset of yours, who’s coming to our next MFW workout??

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