Why working out this time of year is so important

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Many of my clients are determined to commit to their fitness, especially during the months of March through to September, because they have learnt how important it is to stay healthy during this time of year. A regular workout, is not only a good release stress, but it will also help prepare you and your body for summer.

Here are five reasons why working out this time of year is so important:

1. Exercising this time of year will help you work towards a body that you will feel comfortable and proud of, all year round. If you workout now, by spring you will be feeling confident and comfortable in your body. No more freak outs when summer dresses and bathers hit the shelves.

2. Exercising this time of year encourages to get outdoors in the fresh air, which is often avoided this time of year. Being stuck inside all day, breathing in heated air is not good for our respiratory system or our skin.

3. Keeping fit all year round helps prevent you from getting sick, especially during flu-season. The healthier and fitter you are, the less likely you are going to be sick. Mind you, rest also plays an important part. You must ensure you are getting enough rest, whilst keeping fit, drinking plenty of water and nourishing your body with good natural foods.

4. Our lives can become very busy once spring arrives. Melbourne becomes ultra-festive and there is always so much to do. Instead of starting your fitness journey during the festive season, when you are most likely to have a million excuses why you don’t have time to start; begin now. By spring, your fitness and health will be a priority and you will naturally schedule time for it. No excuses required!

5. Because you said last year you would start and it didn’t happen. Or perhaps you did start, but you didn’t commit? Or perhaps you committed, but you didn’t enjoy it? If that be the case, then why not enjoy Group Personal Training with MFW. Every session is different and every session you will walk away feeling great. I promise you will love it!

Now is the best time to start, because now is all that matters.

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