A welcome note.

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Welcome to MFW: Unprocessed, where I peel back all things health and fitness.

Let me warn you: like all blogs, everything I write is completely subjective. My opinions and beliefs may not match yours and that's ok. I believe that if you look hard enough, you can find a piece of evidence to support pretty much any belief or argument out there.

Just keep that in mind when reading.

Also please understand my vocab.

  • A diet = is a way of eating. I do not necessarily use the word in reference to losing weight. Please appreciate different contexts.

  • Profanity may be used, but it will be completely necessary. Do not read if you get easily offended.

What this blog is about...

Anything to do with health and fitness.

Who I am?

I am the founder of MFW. I am a Personal Trainer who loves dishing out burpees, rewarding clients with a "victory lap" and someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously; especially when running a bootcamp class full of fun-loving women.

How I eat:

Name a diet - I've probably tried it.

  • I am a meat-eating, coffee lover who weighs my food when eating at home.

  • My diet mainly consists of unprocessed, natural foods such as meat, fish, rice, veggies, fruit and whey.

  • I go out once or twice a week for a meal and I eat whatever I feel like.

  • I drink wine occasionally (way too many wines were consumed in my 20's for me to be entitled to anything more in my 30's).

  • I try and ban bread, chocolates, biscuits or sweets in my house, because I have absolutely no self-control and I am a little piggy at heart. I also try to avoid these foods because: bread makes me bloated, sugar gives me pimples and dairy congests my sinuses (I choose to suffer a mild, yet permanent sinus congestion, for the sake of my coffee addiction).

The way I eat works for me, meaning - I am happy with my body composition and how I feel on the inside and out. I feel good on a daily basis.

How I exercise:

Name a workout or exercise - I've most likely done it.

  • I change my workout and/or gym every 6 to 12 months, to stay on top of my professional development.

  • I exercise four times per week, consistently.

  • At this present time of writing this post, I am at a boxing gym. Previous to this I was weight training.

  • I have been a part of groups, gyms, classes and have tried: bootcamp, HIIT, Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Muay Thai, Triathlons, swimming, running, meditation, dance,

  • I don't exercise when I'm sick and I don't encourage others to either.

Personal philosophy when it comes to health and fitness:

  • There is no one size fits all diet or workout for everyone.

  • Health and fitness is personal.

  • I suggest you explore as many diets (ways of eating) and try as many styles of exercise you can, until you find the right fit for you (scuse the pun).

  • In order to obtain optimal health you must eat well, move daily, keep stress to a minimal and sleep enough (everyone varies).

Here are some quick tips and advice on how to be healthier and fitter:

How to get fit:

Exercise regularly.

How to exercise if you are time poor:

Stop making excuses and make time. Your health and fitness should be a priority. If you don't believe that then you are reading the wrong blog!

How to grow muscle:

Keep lifting heavier weights and push yourself harder than the previous session or class. The body doesn't need to be 'tricked', it needs to be challenged, so it is forced to adapt and grow (muscle).

How to lose weight:

Start by monitoring what you are eating. Chances are you are eating too much or are not as healthy as you think.

How to guaranty you are eating less as opposed to just "thinking" you are eating less (and you are still not losing weight):

Follow a meal plan and weigh your food.

How to stay motivated:

1. Set goals and strategies on how you think you can achieve those goals.

2. Don't expect to be motivated all the time. Understand that you will have to do some (if not all) of your workouts when you don't 'feel' like it. But still do them!

3. Get into a habit of rocking up to your workout, as opposed to the habit of not rocking up.

4. Motivation comes and goes. Enjoy your entire workout when you are feeling motivated and enjoy the end of the workout, when you are not feeling so motivated.

Now that you know what this blog is all about; if you've decided to stay - Enjoy!