Weighing up the myths and facts - Part 1

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Myth #1 A low-carb diet is more superior than a non-low carb diet.

Carbohydrates are needed for energy. Carbs are the same caloric value as protein; one gram of carbs equals 4 calories as does one gram of protein (equals 4 calories). Eating a low-carb diet does not mean you will meet your weight loss goals - because it comes down to how much you eat overall throughout the day and over a longer period of time.

Myth #2 Exercising and eating whatever you like, will help you lose weight (or lose fat).

No it won't. You can't out-exercise a bad diet. You can exercise until the cows come home but you will only lose weight if your diet is on point.

Myth #3 You can't gain weight if you eat healthy.

Yes you can. If you over eat, no matter what type of food you are eating (healthy or junk food), you can still gain weight.


Fact #1 Exercise helps with weight loss (fat loss)

Yes it does "help", because exercise boosts your metabolism and burns calories. However, exercising is not going to be effective if you eat foods that slow down your metabolism (e.g sugary foods). Or if you are over eating, meaning you are eating excess calories, resulting in too many calories for the body to burn, no matter how much you exercise.

Fact #2 Nobody actually knows exactly when your body is burning fat.

Marketing ploys such as "fat burning mode" or "fat burning foods" or "fat burning exercises" are a crock of shite. Fat burning occurs over a period of time and it requires consistent work - the combination of exercise and diet, as opposed to just eating one food or doing one fat burning workout. Fat burning is individual and you can't actually pinpoint exactly when it is happening.

Fact #3 There are 168 hours in a week.

56 hours out of the 168 hours we are sleeping.

40 hours out of the 168 hours we are working.

Surely we can spend at least 4 hours out of the 168 hours exercising...?

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