A delicious summer recipe


100g of Cooked Chicken

1 Mango (Fresh or Frozen)

1 tablespoon of Coconut Oil

1 tablespoon of Mexican Chili Seasoning


1. Spray fry-pan with coconut oil and heat on stove

2. Cook chicken in fry-pan, weigh and then cut into strips

3. Lay out wrap on plate and place strips of chicken in the middle of the wrap

4. Cut up tomato, lettuce, capsicum, onion and place on wrap

5. Place feta on scales. Tether scales to 0 grams. Sprinkle feta over other ingredient

6. Roll up wrap. Cut in half diagonally and serve!

Great News!

This option is Dairy Free

and Gluten Free!

Inspired by ‘4 Ingredients Healthy Diet’

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