Green Eggs and Salmon Recipe


Amounts are per person​

2 fresh free range eggs, or 1 whole egg + 2 egg whites

Pinch sea salt, fresh ground pepper

1 tsp olive oil, coconut oil or butter

¼ of red onion chopped

2 cups fresh spinach leaves, or rainbow chard or a mix of both, chopped

1 cup chopped broccoli (to cook quickly to match the spinach)

½ a medium zucchini, thin sliced (lengthways of you want to get fancy!

1 heaped tbsp. fresh ricotta or cottage cheese

¼ avocado, sliced

50 grams good quality lightly smoked salmon or ocean trout

Lightly beat eggs, season to suit, add butter. Place a heavy based shallow pan over medium heat, add oil of choice, heat, add onion, turn to low heat and sweat for 3 min, add remaining vegetables, lightly cook about 3 minutes, moving all ingredients around in the pan. When softened, add egg and butter mix, let sit for 1 minutes, then lightly stir through. Heat will cook the eggs to a light scramble.

To serves- I always add some fresh spinach leaves to my plate, then add the cooked eggs and greens, then place the salmon over the top, with a scoop of ricotta, the avocado, and a squeeze of lemon juice, fresh ground pepper.

Great tasting, filling and super nutritious breakfast or lunch dish. High in protein, good fats, and healthy greens. You could add some chopped capsicum to the cooking onion, a couple of grilled tomatoes, bacon or other preferences.

Gill xx

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