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0404 802 356 | testing@testing.com.au 
0404 802 356 | testing@testing.com.au 
0404 802 356 | testing@testing.com.au 
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summer bodies

foodie guide

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summer bodies guide

$18.95 per week to get your summer body

summer bodies foodie guide

summer body ready

feel confident

this summer


summer bodies testimonial

Lara approached MFW in late October last year and said that she wanted to lose weight before her 30th birthday in January 2016.

'I knew it was going to be a challenge to lose weight because it was only 8 weeks until Christmas and there are always lots of celebrations this time of year. I told Pia I wanted to lose 6 kilos before Christmas. I was advised that if I stopped drinking and followed the meal plan she gave me, then she said it was possible to lose the weight I wanted.'

Lara lost 10 kilos

It was a bit hard to discipline myself at first, but then I got the hang of it, especially when I saw the scales going down each week.'


Lara managed to lose 6 kilos by Christmas. Once she reached her first goal weight, she then set a new goal to lose another 4 kilos before her trip over to the US. Not surprisingly, she lost another 4 kilos.

'Following the meal plan that Pia gave me has not only helped me lose weight but it has educated me and completely changed the way I see and eat food. It's not about losing weight so much, it's about being healthy and feeling good'.

more summer bodies success

Rach, 2016

bursting with confidence this summer!

Did you know that weight loss is a result of 80% diet and 20% exercise?


To earn your summer body, both your eating and exercise routine need to be addressed. For less than $3 a day, you can get a customised foodie guide that will help you looking good and feeling confident with your summer body.

This is an easy to follow eating guide that is friendly to Melbourne foodies, where you are treated to home-cooked meals and mouth watering food. The bonus is: you eat great food and you lose weight!


The Summer Bodies Foodie guide makes sure that you not only look fab but you feel rejuvenated and healthy. 

For only $18.95 per week for 12 weeks, or $198 upfront, we support you with an easy personalised eating guide and scrumptious warm recipes; that you’ll love to share with your friends.

what you get...

1. A customised Summer Bodies guide based on your goals. You determine what your goal is and we help you come up with an achievable timeline to achieve that goal. 

2. A range of recipes to choose from. Our Summer Bodies guide is based on you eating five meals a day. Whether you like to eat the same thing day in or day out, or if you like to have variety in our choices, we have meals that suit every type of foodie. 

3. Ongoing support. Before you even begin your summer body journey, we will discuss what type of behaviours need to change and what types of habits need to be broken. Then we come up with strategies on how you can change them along with providing you with moral support along the way.

4. Tips and tricks. Our Summer Bodies guide has lots of tips and tricks; from how to make your food flavoursome, to tips on how to stick to your goal.

5. Access to MFW's community. MFW's private Facebook group is where we celebrate the success of others- whether it be celebrating a workout or celebrating weight loss, we like to post about it. This page also has updates and information related to all things health.

recipe snapshot

Quinoa salad
Chicken wrap
Steak + potatoes
Eggs on toast

summer bodies pricing

summer bodies

Choose from weekly direct debit payments over a period of 12 weeks or pay upfront and save.

Weekly payments

$18.95 pw /12 wks

*meal plan only


Upfront payment


*meal plan only


*save $29

Take care of your health + fitness by bundling your Summer Bodies guide with bootcamp or PT

Bootcamp +

Summer Bodies

$55 pw

*includes 3 bootcamp sessions per week


*save $107

PT + Summer Bodies

$180 pw /12 wks

*includes 3 PT sessions per week 



*save $227