healthy eating plans

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improve your relationship with food

we have several products and services that will help improve your overall food choices.


initial consult

If you choose to have a phone/zoom consult with us, we will look at your current relationship with food and discuss particular areas of your diet that need improving.

  • Overall goals

  • Eating habits

  • Foods you know you need to avoid

Personalised goals will be created and you will be able to ask questions about diet, eating, food choices…. Anything you like!

personalised meal plans

You can choose to get a personalised meal plan from us, that is based on your goals.

This plan can be one of the following:

1. A simple guide to improving your overall food choices, this includes lists of foods to suit your goals,  and food preferences.


2. A tailored and specific meal plan for weight loss or muscle growth. This plan includes specific measurements for your body composition goals.

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ongoing coaching

We offer ongoing coaching to help you stay accountable and on-track with your eating.


People underestimate the support they need in order to change life-long habits and attitudes towards food.

Like any relationship, your relationship with food needs work. Ongoing coaching will help you stay on track and give you support when you need it.

Coaching can be scheduled on a weekly or fortnightly basis, or whenever a pep talk!


You can purchase any of our products and services as a single purchase or bundle them together and save.


healthy eating products and services

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meal plan

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