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Our Personal Trainers create a fun and supportive environment, where they make light-work out of tough sessions. They're highly experienced; making every member feel welcome and cared for.

Pia Therese

Founder and Head Trainer

As the founder of MFW, Pia has created a fitness and lifestyle community for Melbourne girls, where the focus is purely on feeling good and having fun.

Pia supports women to commit to a realistic approach to their health and fitness. She helps real women achieve long-term, tangible health results.

Pia has an extensive background in the industry; you name it, she's done it.


Vicki Ryan


Vicki has been a part of the MFW team from the get-go. She has extensive background in fitness and taught herself how to run long distance many years ago. Because of this, she now knows she can help anyone achieve their fitness goals and has the ability to make anyone a "runner".

Vicki is known for her kind-hearted and easy-going nature, Sweat Hard workouts and her positive energy.

Having two young children, Vicki is also very experienced with pre and post natal exercises.

Patricia Medina


Pati has an extensive background in nutrition and fitness. This beautiful Latino worked as a Dietician in her homeland Chile, for many years. She understands the importance of combining consistent training and a healthy diet.

Pati has the ability to breakdown any movement and ensure you are activating the correct muscles and  appropriate technique.


Pati leads an incredibly active lifestyle. When she is not running workouts and helping clients achieve their goals, she is paddle boarding around the bay.    

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Sally Taylor


Sal has extensive background in the fitness industry. She's been helping women achieve their goals for over 12 years.


She has an energy that will light up any workout space and a laugh that is incredibly infectious. If you didn't think it was possible to have fun during a workout, you haven't trained with Sal.


Sal has experience in boxing, Crossfit, weight training... she loves and can do just about everything, except running (she leaves that to Vicki).

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